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The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth contains 13 illustrations, printed in full color on artistic paper in Hebrew and English.

Artist’s Notes: “The wonderful story of the Book of Ruth deals with generosity, sacrifice and kindness that are rewarded. As far as the work of illustrating, the colorfulness of this book differs from that of the other Megillot. As part of the research I did prior to the work, I traveled to the Bethlehem area (where the story takes place) and checked the color of the fields during the harvest season and decided to limit myself to shades of yellow and green and the earthy tones of the area that predominate in that season and to thereby convey a sense of the place and not just focus on the plot.”

Tamar’s Book of Ruth is included in the collection of the Harvard Judaica Collection, Library of Congress and the Yale University Judaica Collection and JTS New York.

The Book of Ruth

Hardcover, 33 pages

Language: English & Hebrew

Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 0.3 inches

Single copy: 45$

Single copy signed by artist: 60$

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