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Nov 11, 2020

New Prints!

Variety of linoleum prints, manually printed, numbered and signed

Sep 11, 2020

Shana Tova!

Last year we presented you with Ushpizoth sukkah banner, and this year we are happy to launch the complementary sukkah banner - Ushpizin!


The banners are an original artworks that can make a beautiful gift for the high holidays

Check it out here

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Focusing on Jewish art, Tamar Messer is a highly talented and respected Israeli contemporary artist. Her artworks include paintings, 3D works and illustrated biblical books in limited and unlimited editions, among which are the Passover Haggadah, the Song of Songs, the Book of Ecclesiastes, the Book of Lamentations, the Book of Esther and the Book of Ruth. Tamar offers variety of silkscreen prints of Biblical stories, very limited edition prints of the signs of the Zodiac, illustrated parchment scrolls of the Book of Esther, invitations for bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings, ketubot and mosaic work. Her artwork is a contemporary interpretation of the different traditional texts. Tamar took upon herself the task of dealing with the traditional texts in a meaningful modern Israeli point of view.

Copies of Tamar’s limited edition Biblical books and prints can be found in various art collections around the world including New York Jewish Museum, Harvard University, Yale University, the Library of Congress, and The Jewish Theological Seminary, as well as in private collections in Israel and abroad. Her printed and silk screened works are produced on a fine quality paper using the highest quality printing techniques. Tamar’s illustrative style is a naïve one. Her imagery draws on the panoramas, seasons, flora and fauna of the Land of Israel, and her color palate is influenced by the vivid Mediterranean light, sun, and sea.

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