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Tamar offers you an original illustrated Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation including a verse out of the PARASAH in English and Hebrew.The Invitations are Made of Arches paper, and includes hand-ripped edges, square embossment on the front of the invitation to emphasize the illustrated image, embossment of the Gallery’s verification sign on the back of the invitation. The invitation’s text is printed on velum paper folded inside the arches cover, bound together by decorative black rubber band.

The invitations can be accompanied by:

RSVP cards, “Thank You” cards, Or/ and other cards for the event.

You can also order a Gikleh print of the invitation’s motive image, on quality paper or Canvas stretched on a wooden frame. (Maximal dimension 27″);

The invitations’ size (standard) is 5X7” (when folded). As the invitations are hand made by Tamar, any other size is possible as well (custom order).

The invitations can be ordered to open left-right, right-left, or top-bottom.

For more information, please contact us.

Search for your Parasha:


Chumash Bereshit / Genesis

Chumash Shemot / Exodus


Chumash Vaikra / Leviticus


Chumash Bamidbar / Numbers


Chumash Dvarim / Deuteronomy

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