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Shelf Size 3D Artworks

A dominant motive in Tamar's artwork is the existentialism. The connotation of this motive is embedded by the artist in the artwork texture by using recycled or reused objects/materials, some of those are familiar from daily usage and some of them are unique or rare. From these materials Tamar creates a composition with a whole new meaning, disconnected from the original essence of the components and with an enigmatic dimension.    

Her style somewhat resembles the Dadaism by the built-in humor, by integrating readymade objects disconnected from their original context and in vast usage of collage technique.

In the course of learning a topic, or to fully express her ideas, Tamar often comes out with full series of works, such as the boxed figures, papier-mâché figures etc.

If you would like to purchase this type of work please contact us using the contact form to get more details and a quote

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