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Fabric & Embroidery

As a multidiscipline artist, Tamar enjoys creating textile artwork. Like many other of her works, she sees the beauty in old curtains and cloths, not to mention the charm of old buttons and decorative pins. These are the base materials from which she creates and express her unique style and her inner world. "I have photographs of me at a young age" says Tamar, "holding a thread and a needle.

Nobody taught me how to embroider and sew – I simply watched the grownups stitching – and started imitating them. 

Similar to my method of creating 3-D artwork using readymade materials, I find textiles, buttons, lace and beads and use them as raw material to embroider a story". 

If you would like to purchase this type of work please contact us using the contact form to get more details and a quote.

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