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Tamar's illustrated Haggadah + "Let my people go" print on special offer!


Tamar’s Haggadah printed on artistic paper, is the culmination of over two years work, and contains more then 80 original illustrations. It is contained inside a hardcover sleeve. The Haggadah is full text Hebrew & English. ​Tamar’s Haggadah is included in the collections of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, the Harvard Judaica Collection, the Yale University Judaica Collection and the Library of Congress. ​Commentaries and Techniques about the “Exodus Haggadah” is available online and can be downloaded free of charge. ​




Tamar’s gallery offers limited series, silk screen prints on Biblical themes, numbered and signed by the artist. Many of these are illustrations from Tamar’s Haggadah, the Book of Ruth, and the Song of Solomon. ​ Each print is silk screen printed on Arches paper, using 20-25 separate plates, a technique which lends itself to precision and high quality printing results.


Print size: 11.5" x 16"

Haggadah + "Let my people go" print

170.00$ Regular Price
130.00$Sale Price
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